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Sanya Internet Information Industry

Issuing time:2020-03-19 16:02


The Sanya Internet Information Industry Base is located in the hinterland of Sanya (known as “Oriental Hawaii”). The planning land use of the park is 5433.45 mu, and the existing office construction area is 42,000 ㎡. The park is invested and constructed by the Sanya Municipal Government. The Sanya Science and Technology Commission established the Sanya Huichuang Internet Information Industry Base Operation Management Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation, management, investment, publicity, corporate services, etc. of the park. In order to support the development of the Internet industry, the Sanya government has successively issued the “Implementation Opinions on Supporting the Development of the Internet Industry in Sanya City”, “Management Measures for Special Funds for Internet Industry Development in Sanya”, and “Interim Measures for Promoting Economic Development of Headquarters in Sanya City” "Action Plan of Talents enter the Hainan (2018-2025)" and other Internet-related policies, guaranteeing office carriers, supporting facilities, funds and services, liberalizing restrictions on talents, and providing more guarantees for enterprises to settle in Sanya.

As of May 2019, many incubators and well-known companies have been successfully introduced. The park has an international offshore innovation center, The International Science and Technology Innovation Center, and The International Talent Exchange Center serving overseas-funded enterprises, foreign teams and foreign talents operating and working in Sanya.

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